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I am currently accepting private clients, nutrition education, and cooking classes. Each person's care plan will be tailored to meet their particular needs and desired goals.  

Sessions occur online or in-person and are designed to help clients incorporate a food plan into their busy lives. 


How it works:


The initial 90 min consultation is used to evaluate current health status, identify goals and lay out a diet plan accordingly.  We will end the first appointment with specified goals, an understanding of your core food plan and the next steps that you will make on your own at home.

Follow up appointments provide accountability, answer questions, and identify any obstacles that you may have encountered on your health journey. Each appointment analyzes the current core food plan and allows for adjustments to be made as we shift on our health journey. This allows us to mold your diet into a lifestyle; one that can be sustained for life. There will always be the need for tweaks as our body and life changes, but once you find your core food plan, you will be set up for success no matter the challenge.  I offer support that goes beyond identifying foods but also provides well-rounded services to give you all the tools that you need to succeed!

Sessions may include:

Nutrition consultations, meal plans, grocery lists,  grocery tours, recipes, virtual cooking classes, at-home pantry rehauls, nutrition education and more.

Single Sessions
3 session pack
6 session pack
4 month
Digestive Reset
Chronic Illness Management

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