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About Jennifer

                         About ME
Eating fresh caught salmon off a boat in Alaska
Traveling through markets enjoying fresh produce and spices
Learning sustainable farming and gardening practices 
For each person, it may be different, but our experiences with food can impact a lifetime.  My own experiences have given me a purpose to help my clients reconnect with food and its impact on their body. 


My health journey has not been a straight unwavering path. I have had ebbs and flows in my life. Food, yoga, and exercise are always at my core: bringing me back to balance. I have struggled with issues from autoimmune antibodies, adrenal fatigue, gut dysbiosis, and the most recent hormonal imbalance.  I have come to understand that my diet through it all will not be a constant. What worked to heal and nurture my gut has been a different approach than how I will recenter my hormonal balance. Having an understanding of this flexibility and grace for when I get off track, has enabled me to sustain a healthy lifestyle that shifts as I shift into different phases of life.  The focus is bringing me back to center: always striving for balance. that Libra in me. 







The mountains have claimed my heart. Playing with the kiddos, getting our hands dirty in the garden, camping, hiking, and snowboarding. I love playing in the kitchen trying recipes, making tonics, syrups, and salves.  Exercise is one of my biggest stress relievers and I focus on a mix of yoga, cardio and strength training.  I love the energy from live music so we make it a point to take our kids to a few festivals and see shows whenever we can.  In my work, I thrive off creativity with my food and clients. I love to motivate clients to find their own solutions to how they can incorporate better food and lifestyle habits.  I am inspired by a movement to reconnect with where our food comes from. From how it is grown, processed, and prepared to what benefits does it retain when it reaches our plate. 

With a master's in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, studies have taught me to approach clients from a FUNCTIONAL perspective, understanding how nutrients affect different body systems.  Once we understand how the body is functioning we can incorporate foods in a functional way to assist each body system. i.e. using healthy fats and amino acids for increased muscle building, ginger and garlic to support immune function or fermented foods for microbiome balance.


Your food plan should be tailored to your specific needs and integrated into a holistic health plan, always keeping your doctors informed with any diet modifications that you need. This INTEGRATIVE approach allows your health to be guided by all the tools in your toolbox, with FOOD being just one.


Private Practice: 

For me, it all comes down to helping people find a balance with food in their lives. Food is a beautiful thing that we should hold gratitude for each day in our lives.  Not only does it nourish our body (when we eat appropriately), but it gives us joy and pleasure, excites memories and emotions, and connects us to our family and friends.

For many people however, it can be a source of constant worry and stress. Regret from what we should have or shouldn't have eaten, a site for emotional wounds, or just a hassle of another thing to fit into my busy day. We can begin to slip into habits that are easy and convenient, build a relationship with food that is wrought with guilt or simple disregard and before we know it, we are led down a path towards chronic illness and disease. Prevention of these issues needs to start today as we make everyday choices to bring us to a state of optimal health.

A diet plan with 

a Functional Medicine Twist

mood instability

digestive distress

skin issues

Big Tree

brain fog

low energy

Core Imbalances

Digestive Function

Cellular communication

Cellular Structural Integrity

Defense & Repair Systems

detoxification systems

Energy balance and production

When I talk to my clients about health one of the first things I hear is their symptoms. How they are feeling; how their daily lives are impacted by these symptoms. 


I allow this symptomology to guide us to the functional imbalances in the body; finding our starting point. (As a reminder I am not here to treat or diagnose disease, we will leave that to your practicing doctors)


We will be mindful of environmental factors and use food to facilitate the healing and functionality of whichever body system is imbalanced. Focusing on foods with certain vitamins and minerals, containing particular phytochemicals, can give your body the nutrients that it needs to facilitate homeostasis, or your body's ability to find balance and encourage healing.  

Health is more than just weightloss and lab numbers, lets find our energy, happiness, and motivation to be the stepping stone for a path to health. 

Call today for your free discovery session.                              720-421-1155

food sensitivities


joint pain


In my work, I like to help people identify not only physiological imbalances that may be occurring within the body but help people reestablish their environment and relationship with food. What feelings are brought up when we look at our own food habits and emotions around food and how can we rebuild and reestablish that relationship.  This allows us to remove the stressors around food and allow food choices to be guided more naturally. I like to give my clients realistic goals, help identify their strengths and weaknesses so that we can create better habits without falling into typical patterns.   

I have experience working with individuals with digestive issues such as leaky gut, IBS, SIBO, metabolic issues (blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular issues), weight-loss, weight gain, hormonal, thyroid, adrenal imbalance and auto-immune issues.  I would love to help you identify any root causes of imbalance that are disrupting your body. Not only will we work together on dietary patterns and adjustments but we look at your life from a holistic perspective: sleep habits, stressors, environmental triggers, life satisfaction, so that we can give the body the nutrients and environment that it needs to begin to heal itself with ease and you can feel better in your everyday life!   

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